Floor Plan Case 12

Sierra Sacramento Valley Museum of Medical History Floor Plan
Virtual Museum Explorer

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**Due to the Museum expansion in 2018, the cabinet numbers, items and floor plan depicted below no longer match the current Museum layout and are for online reference for the Virtual Museum Explorer only.

Museum Cabinets

1 Pioneer Physicians
2 New Acquisitions
3 Radiology
4 Chinese Medicine
5 Patent Medicines
6 Pharmacy
7 Laboratory
8 Infectious Diseases
9 Diagnostic Instruments
10 Surgery
11 Nurses
12 Electrical Treatments
Large Artifacts


Lobby Cabinets

A Inside Scoop
B Tools of the Pharmacist
C The Doctor's Bag
D Miscellaneous
E Iron Lung
F Medicine Bottles
G Special Exhibit

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Kent Perryman Ph.D.